Sunday, June 02, 2013

So Proud of My Hubby!

I'm so proud of my hubby after 8 years of School Jeramy finally gets to be done! He graduated from the University of Utah with a BA of Science in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in teaching and a Minor in History!!! I couldn't be more excited for him. The last 9 years he has been working full time, going to school full time and coaching full time! Talk about pulling 60-80 hour weeks! He is such a wonderful hubby and even better daddy! We will be so glad that we will actually have time together to spend as a family. He has worked nights ever since we got married and every weekend so we have been complete opposites when it comes to our schedules. I'm SO looking forward to the time we will now be able to spend together! To top if off he was also offered a teaching job at a local High School teaching Health! He is the Head Sophmore Football coach and the Head Girls Sophmore Basketball coach! Way to go Daddy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting around to it...

Well I'm getting around to editing my blog, updating it and YES going to start posting again. I will REALLY have to get into the habit of this if I'm going to make this work. I see so many of you who are diligent bloggers or I say journal writers. I like the idea of having a blog turn into a journal and scrapbook keepsake, it's just buckling down and doing it!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can you say Trianchula?

You will be wigging out when you read this!
A couple Fridays ago I came home from Jeramy's football game and had to clean poor pups off from the mud since there had been rain. Usually I go out back to the patio and use the hose faucet to stick their paws under and just clean off. Well it was dark and I could see some black blob by the hose faucet thinking just probably mud or dirt. So I went about cleaning Elora and Kiana and then took them inside. Afterwards, I usually walk around outside to make sure all was ok, and that they didn't dig and mess up our yard. As I was doing that, I took my flashlight and shined it right on the black blob, and SICK.... A HUGE SPIDER!!!!!!!! Not just any spider, a kind of Trianchula.
I was so disgusted, and freaking out. It was RIGHT where I had been standing to clean them off. I guess it was meant to be this way, because if I saw it before I would not have cleaned them off, and would have made Jeramy when he got home. If you know me I DON'T do spiders. I usually spray them with some type of chemical before smashing them with a shoe. Luckly this spider was already Dead. My guess, from the monster (ELORA). That is what her nickname is. Some legs were laying all around. I couldn't believe the size. So I had to take a picture for Jeramy to see, otherwise he wouldv'e thought I was over exaggerating. You are all so lucky that I was brave enough to get as close as I did for the picture. Well needless to say I had nightmares and the next morning I woke up, wondering if it was still there. I went out to put Kiana and Elora out and then was going to get a shovel to get it in the garbage can, and it was GONE!!! Totally gone, every leg too. EEWWHH, Now I was really freaking out, thinking it wasn't even dead when I was so close to it! The only conclusion Jeramy had was that the Elora the monster ate it. She is so gross. She will eat ANYTHING!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Alta played Bingham for the State Championship last Friday. They have played them the last two years, and have now won two years in a row.
It was such an exiting game- More details to come.......with hopefully some good pics!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I've been tagged...

Ok NOT really, I just figured I would jump in while on a roll. But I don't blame anyone for not tagging me. I'm sure you wouldn't expect an answer.

List 6 quirks about yourself:
1. I ALWAYS have to be doing SOMETHING. I just can't sit and watch T.V or just sit and relax. I have to be folding laundry or cleaning, or finding something to do if there is nothing. Jeramy gets so frustrated with this sometimes because on sundays even though this is to be a day of rest. I find myself not enjoying just relaxing with him and taking an afternoon nap. (ok I might slip a nap in every so often) but for the most part I feel like my resting is just simply folding laundry or organizing something. I ALWAYS feel as though if I don't accomplish something than I'm worthless and my day is ruined. I don't know if I was like this growing up or not, but I really have to tell myself that sitting and enjoying relaxation with Jeramy is a GOOD thing and that it's ok.
2. To fall asleep at night, I have to lay on by back. Otherwise I can't fall asleep for hours it seems. But then I wake up on my stomach... Go figure. I guess I have to hog the bed too, otherwise it's just not a good night rest:)
3. I'm really afraid of dark windows at night. I have had this fear of a boogie man. you can laugh all you want but it started out that I would just dream about this guy in a dark trench coat with a dark hat, and pulled over his head that I can't see his face but the shadow and he would just stare at me through the window while standing on my deck. Well then in turned into me seeing him while I'm awake looking out into the dark night. So I ALWAYS have to have my blinds closed the minute it gets dark. More so when I'm home alone. I get so freaked out. I joke that if I ever build my own home, I will NOT have windows put by the kitchen sink for this very purpose!!
4. I LOVE picking scabs, zits, pretty much any of that! (just as jos on the zit part) But I enjoy it even more when it's not on me. I know it sounds so sick, its unfortunate but hey we each have our moments.
5. I'm such a clean freak. Just as a few others, VERY OCD when it comes to cleaning. I don't know that I was this way growing up until the later years at home. And even more so since I've been married. Jeramy will always tell me that it's not dirty but I still clean it anyways. Maybe it's the fear that there will be bugs or dirt that I won't be able to see and will just disgust me.
6. I get way too self conscious about what others think of me. I analyze things way too much. I'm shy and don't open up and speak much. Unless you really get to know me I keep to myself alot, and my thoughts. I've been better at learning to just enjoy myself and not what others think, but I just can't resist sometimes when I get in an uncomfortable place and conversation.

I tag Julie, Megan, Samantha and anyone else that is reading this blog!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

WOW- They can really grow up fast!

This is Kiana from the beginning through now. My how she has grown. We just love her so much. I must admit I didn't ever think I would love a dog as much as I do. She is such a companion, she LOVES to play and run. She is so good in the house too.

You can just imagine how big she's getting when she is on the same part of this couch.
This was her Birthday in May. She really hated the hat!
Oh, look at those cute puppy eyes. You just can't say no.

This is her now! I took her to the Vet and holy cow I did not think she weighed 55 lbs. For sure we thought she was only 25-30 max.... She doesn't ever get up on this couch like she tried when a puppy since she has her own pillow/bed. She was SO mad at me when I put her up there to give you just an idea so you can compare the before and now on the same couch! Can you just see her mad at me!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Date Night!

Well Jeramy and I finally had our date night. Lately things have been so crazy that we feel we don't see each other at all. Wait what am I saying... We DON'T. He works nights now, and goes to school during the day so really when is there time for much more. But Friday night we decided to go to a movie and we saw 27 Dresses. It was actually pretty good and funny. The whole time I thought it would be a chick flick, and that he wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did. The truth is we both liked it and there are some parts that we were laughing so hard. I don't know if it was from the movie or the couple in front of us that was laughing their heads off. Overall I would tell you all to watch it when you can.